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At Buck Ross we assemble a talented crew that matches the unique needs of your project. We're like a classy old tailor that comes to your house, gets your exact measurements and then cuts you the sickest suit or dress you've ever worn. We have an amazing pool of creatives & technicians that we hand pick and assign to the films & videos they will benefit the most. This unique modus allows us to be as nimble as a startled doe and to create fresh content for our clients every single time. While these bright young bucks below don't account for everyone, they are some of the repeat offenders that we can't seem to scare off.



Hailing from the red clay of Atlanta, Georgia, Ryan "Buck" Ross has been making movies since his teens. With a Hi8 video camera and two VCRs cabled together he and his posse created skateboarding masterpieces with very little skating, a lot of story and a little bit of nudity. Ryan then headed to the University of Colorado and took his filmmaking into the mountains.

After graduation and some time abroad he began work at an outdoor documentary company where over the course of five years he went from "office boy" to being a partner in the business. Along the way he helped start the first ever Adventure Film School in the country, produced a malaria documentary in Africa, shot IMAX film on Mount Everest, hosted a regional travel TV show and continued to fall more and more in love with the creative process of filmmaking.

Today, armed with his own production company and an amazing group of collaborators, Ryan continues to turn ideas into moving images for a broad array of clients in an even wider spectrum of genres.


In most cases it's disconcerting to have smoke billowing up from a computer, but not when Lam edits. He's so quick with his cuts the keyboard takes on a lava-like glow and the back of the monitor emits a steady stream of dark blue smoke. He's that fast. You'd think that an editor who operates at these breakneck speeds would have no attention to detail or any storytelling ability and you'd be right…as long as you weren’t talking about Lam.

After graduating Cum Laude with a film degree from the University of Denver, Lam had the opportunity to work with Rick Ramage, a seasoned Hollywood director. With Rick he edited the PBS feature musical, "Ichabod," and thus started his pro career. Over his past decade in the film biz Lam has written and directed his very own short film, "The Silent Child," edited five different feature-length documentaries, and worked on countless commercial projects. His ability to take a pile of footage and turn it into a compelling story is uncanny. His intense attention to detail is annoying at times. And, his speed is simply unmatched.

This guy has been with us since the beginning and we couldn’t do it without him.


Just like any good cowpoke Carly can wrangle. But instead of driving steer across a moonless prairie or wrestling baby calves to the ground she wrangles deadlines, schedules, shot lists; all the hard to come by particulars that make a good production work.

Carly hasn’t always been a mountain drover. She is a born and bred Michigan gaucho and recently graduated from Michigan State with a degree in Arts Management. Her interest in this here film trade all began with a study abroad trip to India, you know, where all real vaqueros go to discover themselves. And it was there, in that humid interior, that Carly had the opportunity to study at the largest film city in the entire world.

After graduation she left out on a 3 month long national road trip making a documentary on the world of craft beer. And it was out there on that boozy open range where she truly developed a passion for wrangling. Nowadays, Carly hangs her spurs with Buck Ross and we couldn’t be more obliged.


If it’s dark outside, chances are Keiko is awake. But instead of standing upright on a spooky tree branch hooting & scanning the ground for rodents, Keiko is in front of her computer silently searching for the best story. Instead of prey, she uses her acute hearing to locate the right sound bites and her keen vision to spot the right cuts.

As an owlet, Keiko grew up loving to draw and tell stories. She studied graphic design in high school before graduating from the Art Institute of Colorado with a degree in Media Arts and Animation. Keiko then got her start at Warren Miller where she quietly flew her way up the ranks from production assistant to producer/shooter before discovering a love for editing.

These days Keiko uses her big brain and muted feathers to sink her talons into cuts of all kind. Although especially talented in animation & motion graphics, this bird can hunt them all. Keiko is one of the most technically & graphically talented editors we’ve ever spotted and it feels pretty good to know that while most of us sleep, she’s somewhere softly editing.


No, he’s not related to your old wrestling hero or the subject of a Nat King Cole song. But he has been known to wander “very far, very far” in order to figure four leg lock unsuspecting prey of all shapes & sizes. Whether it has gills, antlers or hooves; no animal is safe when Ben is on the hunt. But instead of pulling the trigger, line or hook; Ben prefers the red button of the camera or the mouse click of a computer.

Ben got his start on the frozen hills of Wisconsin making snowboard videos with his parents’ Handycam. He then ventured west to the University of Colorado where he finished both a BA in film theory & BFA in filmmaking, all while working for the college. So this man-of-the-woods is clearly not afraid of a little hard work.

Today, Ben shoots, edits and everything in-between for a wide variety of projects, including his own tall tales of hunting and fishing. While he prefers to be under the stars, Ben gets the job done anywhere. He is one of the most dependable young filmmakers we’ve ever come across and we're honored to have him in our herd.


Look out! Kimberly is ready to learn. And no, she’s not wearing the sandal hybrid often confused by Boulderites as formal footwear. Nope. She’s champing at the bit to absorb any & all information related to video and advertising. And like any winning racehorse she’s got the skills to back up her enthusiasm.

Kimberly started her ambitious chase of film early. With Dad’s home movie camera either in her face or in her hands she developed a love for the medium…and for filming her cat. This itch carried on through high school with one of her earliest films being selected for the Breckenridge Film Festival and then onto the University of Colorado where she now majors in Media Production & Advertising.

Kimberly is more than a little bit excited about the endless opportunities inherent in creating videos. And she already knows that if those videos are done well that they have the ability to move people in very specific ways. Upon graduation, Kimberly plans to fervently work somewhere at the intersection of video & advertising, but for now she’s eagerly buzzing around our parts and we couldn’t be happier about it.

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