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Film Books


We've got some fun projects in post production right now and instead of watching the progress bar we've been on a real film book kick. Whether it's story, acting, scriptwriting, or just fun quotes; here are some of our favorites so far.


Story Master

Ira Glass and his radio program, This American Life, tell excellent stories. And, while these videos seem based on the act of telling a good story, we think if you do any type of creative work you will probably enjoy this series of 4 short videos. Thanks Ira.


What the World Needs?

I recently heard someone say, "What the World Needs is More Creativity!" Not to be preachy or a wannabe scholar, but here's what that question made me think about.

Creativity often results from situations where one is actually forced to act on their feet and come up with creative, novel solutions in order to succeed or survive. Take someone stranded on a deserted island for example. Well, in our current world of convenience and comfort not a lot of people willingly place themselves in these kinds of situations. Whether it's a product of laziness, a fear of failure, or insecurity; a lot of people greatly avoid the pressures of having to be creative because frankly they don't have to. They can get by without it. As a result we wind up copying and slightly altering the results of the few brave people who have made a leap to be truly creative. So often the progression of things is greatly slowed because so many people aren't willing to put themselves out there. They just want to stick with what works or what kinda works cause it's easier, because they can still survive that way.

So, while it's probably not the only thing the world needs, I'm sure some more creativity wouldn't hurt.


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