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AD of the Week

image So excited to see our TiVo production with School selected as Adweek's Ad of the Day! Click the image to watch what happens when you interrupt the climax of a suspenseful movie with a commercial.


In the Name of Science


Back in the Summer of 2008, I worked on the production of Body Trek a short film that examines the physiological changes that take place in a person's body as they climb a 14,000 foot Colorado mountain. This film is part of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science's permanent exhibit Expedition Health and is on display there in an object theater with an ultra-wide screen.

We used two Sony F900 HDCAMs with prime lenses mounted together on a single plate to create a panoramic setup. The two images were shot slightly overlapping and were later stitched together to create the panoramic image used in the film. The tripod alone weighed 65 pounds and the entire rig took a good 4-5 people to carry. It was so fun to work with this kind of technology and image quality high in the mountains. The end result was something we were all very proud of and will be on display in the museum for years to come.


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