Movie Theater Prank

When someone approaches a production company and asks them to film in a place that is inherently very dark & loud the alarm bells start to go off. That fright is elevated when they add the fact that no-one can know that you’re there and further compounded when they mention that the event you’re shooting will only happen once. No big deal, right?! Well, that was exactly the charge given to us by the agency when setting out to make this TiVo publicity stunt a captured reality. With a rented movie theater, cameras hidden behind curtains, on walls, in unsuspecting hands, and peeking through holes cut in thrift store purses; we managed to capture what happens when a commercial plays smack in the middle of a movie. The result was an award-winning commercial spot that not only got the attention of the ad industry, but of all those consumers at home letting commercials ruin their viewing experience.

Director: Ryan Ross
DP: Jeffrey Garland
Producer: Alex VanNortwick
Assistant Director: Tom Farnsworth
Editor: Lam Nguyen