#denver rescue mission
ADCD Top Honors
Sep 23rd, 2014 IN work

Thrilled to receive the Top Honors award in the Public Service category at the ADCD Annual Show for our Denver Rescue Mission video. Thanks so much for the recognition and great event!

ADCD Annual Show
Sep 3rd, 2014 IN work

Honored that our One Paycheck Away video for the Denver Rescue Mission made it into the Art Directors Club Denver Annual Show and also stoked to see it covered on the Denver Egotist. Excited for the show and all the great work there!

One Paycheck Away
Sep 16th, 2013 IN work

Homelessness has always intrigued us and we love the good work people like the Denver Rescue Mission are doing to help those in need. So we approached them with the film idea of educating others about what it means to be homeless by letting them "walk a mile in their shoes." A sketchy motorcycle helmet camera contraption, two eye-opening days around the mission, and some thoughtful volunteers' time later and we had the above the video.

While this is just our take on one example of what it can mean to be and become homeless, we hope it informs others and inspires them to give to organizations like the Denver Rescue Mission that are working hard to help people without any place to go. Keep up the good work guys!