Salty Sea Pig
A road trip letter to my son

When your brother-in-law calls and says he’s gonna fly to San Francisco to buy a cool, vintage truck and drive it back down the coast of California and oh yeah, he’s got a list of hip brands on board to donate product for the trip; you say Yes. Wanting to document the trip for the partnered brands we booked last-minute flights and got onboard. Knowing that many travelogues, especially not of epic portions, often fall flat; we found ourselves sitting on the plane without a plan. The 3 Dads on the trip were all leaving families of newly arrived babies. So while it was hard to go it seemed only fitting to use the trip as a mouthpiece for life advice to pass down to the kiddos at home. What emerged was a video letter to my son full of love & lessons-learned, a small series of kooky web videos, and a range of still images for the sponsors. That was a fun one!

Director/DP: Ryan Ross
Producer: Stone Crandall
Art Director: Austin Lane
Editor: Ryan Ross
Color: Doug Graves
Motion: Keiko Ozaki
Sound: Jason McDaniel

Tei Shi "Nevermind The End"
Opossom "Blue Meanies"
Laura Veirs "I Can See Your Tracks"
George Jones "She Thinks I Still Care"
Taj Mahal "Lovin' In My Baby's Eyes"
Ugly Casanova "Barnacles"
Amerigo Gazaway "Breakadawn"
Tame Impala "Let It Happen"
Damien Jurado "Museum of Flight