Publisher Profiles

Working directly with a client isn’t always easy or necessarily efficient. There is a lot of hand-holding and back & forth that takes place long before you arrive at a script that everyone loves. And it would be easy to blame the client for this. But it’s not their fault…entirely. It takes two to tango. On this project, we had just finished the long process of creating from scratch a rather lofty company-wide Why video. Our charge at this point was to collaborate with a handful of their clients to create a series of well-produced How videos. After some solid producing time we managed to create these two client snapshots, each uniquely expressing the vibe of the company and hopefully motivating others to work directly with our client as we had.

Director: Ryan Ross
DP: Loren Brinton
Writer: Jennifer Capobianco
Producer: Carly Chaben
Editor: Lam T. Nguyen
Sound: Jason McDaniel