True Sync Media
We Drank on the Job

We drank on the job and made a great video while doing it.
True Sync Media is a powerful consumer-engagement tool used to encourage bar patrons to expand their boozy horizons. 
Next time yur in a bar be on the lookout 4 our best friends True Sync - srisly u guyz r my best fweinds 4 eva. There videos r so coool i cant stop watchin. i think i need sum water, anyonme else crabving pancakes?

Exec. Producer: Michael Stoner
Producer: Jamey Spahn
Director: Ryan Ross
Director of Photography: Jesse Borrell
Gaffer: Brayden Heath
Art Director: Greg Pellman
Senior Writer: Courtney Farrell
Editor: Tory Powers
Production Assistant: Abigail Brown