All That I Had
A story about skateboarding

After a long run of commissioned work it’s always good to re-fill our tank with something personal. What started as a simple conversation at the skate park wound up being screened to large audiences at multiple film festivals. We believe they're called passion projects because that’s what’s driving the train: the passion, the love; of the story and the process. This short film only happened because a brave young man was willing to open up his heart and share his unique story. And because a group of our closest collaborators were willing to work really hard for peanuts to make it a reality that others could watch. What an honor it was to sit across from our main character, Nick, during the interview in a dusty old warehouse as these cathartic sentiments poured out of him. And how special it was to witness him take the stage at our hometown film festival in front of a packed theater audience cheering him on. Not only for his bravery and his brighter future, but applauding him with empathy for the life he was forced to lead up to that point. This is one we will never forget.

Director/DP: Ryan Ross
Producer: Gunnar Sikorski
Camera: Van Wampler
AC: Parker Rice
Aerials: Kyle Johnston
Sound Record: Doug Graves
Editor: Ryan Ross
Asst Editor: Robert DeRoo
Color: Van Wampler
Sound Design/Mix: Jason McDaniel

Official Selection of the Boulder International Film Festival
Official Selection of the 5Point Film Festival