California Almonds
Own Your Everyday

You can’t win ‘em all. After bidding hard and putting together one of our most comprehensive & favorite treatments to date we actually wound up losing this production to one of the many companies in Los Angeles. It happens. But we were thrilled when the agency came back asking if we’d be willing to take on the post production. Of course! So while we would have loved to shoot everything we were more than happy to bring the project from raw footage to finished spots. We’re always excited to work on fun/rewarding projects, regardless of who shoots them, and when the final product is broadcast to millions of people around the world during the Winter Olympics TV coverage we’re certainly not going to complain. Glad we got to be involved!

Director: Chris Winterbauer
Editor: Lam T. Nguyen
Color: Herman Nieuwoudt & Brian De Herrera-Schnering
Sound: Coupe Studios