Mr. Cato
BMX Documentary

Documentary Coming Soon!

Mr. Cato is an elementary school teacher and pro BMX Flatlander, who changes his students lives through teaching them how to ride and care for bikes, while attempting to bring his sport of BMX Flatland back from the brink of extinction in the US.

A Film By: Ryan Ross

Producers: Carly Chaben & Kong Yang
DP: Gunnar Sikorski & David Chang
Camera: Daniel Fickle, Jeremey Lavoi, Joel Martinez, Aidan Allis
Editors: Noah Klement & Andrew Mairs
Asst Editors: Camilio Desantis, Holly Moffat, Peyton Doyle, Andrew Alexander
Color: Brian De Herrera & Pinto Pictures
Sound Design/Mix: Travis Shetter & Jason McDaniel