California Almonds
Improve Your Odds

“This was a special one. I personally remember walking back from the talent trailer to the middle of a busy Civic Center park in the middle of Denver, which we had shut down to film. There were tall cranes, explosive props, professional actors, and expensive camera setups. As I walked back onto the set to finish directing the final scenes I remember softly saying to myself “Thank You.” This production was truly a dream realized and I believe to some degree it shows in the finished products. We got to shepherd this project from rough scripts, through LA casting, to final delivery with the finished spots airing during the March Madness national TV broadcasts. What a rewarding and inspiring production this was. A true milestone for me personally and for us as a company.” – Ryan Ross, Founder

Director: Ryan Ross
DP: Kevin Emmons
Line Producer: Daniell Taff
Consulting Producer: Lam T. Nguyen
Art Director: Pamela Chavez
Editor: Lam T. Nguyen
Color: Herman Nieuwoudt
Sound: Jason McDaniel