If You're Gonna Be Bad...

When the agency approached with us the idea of having their Executive Creative Director also serve as the director of the production we were certainly weary. We’d never done that before and doesn’t that just seem weird?! That’s not how it works! But realizing that good experience often lies in the unknown, we dove in warmly and it wound up going great! We had a client with a menu full of desired alterations (essentially a new take for each featured food item) and it was wonderful to have the creative who not only wrote the spots, but had become quite familiar with their extensive menu to also direct the on-camera action. In the name of efficiency, we simultaneously shot all the food footage with a 2nd unit & director before settling into an edit that involved over 100 different deliverables of all shapes & sizes. The result, we think a comprehensive, well-branded campaign for both broadcast & online that makes us want to eat steakburgers.

Director: Adam Wohl
DP: Phil Dillon
Executive Producer: Ryan Ross
Line Producer: Daniell Taff
Consulting Producer: Lam T. Nguyen
Art Director: Pamela Chavez
Editor: Lam T. Nguyen
Color: Brian De Herrera-Schnering
Sound: Coupe Studios