Ride Your Own Way
Sly Introduces Ride Spot

A series of spots with the iconic Sly Stallone introducing People For Bike's new Ride Spot app. not really, but just go with it

Director: Ryan Ross
Producer: Kong Yang
DP: Robert Muratore
1st AC: Chris Nightingale
Gaffer: Tyler Kaschke
Grip: Joel Keiter
Sound: Cody Troyer
HMU: Mary Ann Hogan
Props: Scott Upshur & Tymla Welch
PA: Holly Moffat & Jamey Spahn

Edit & Color: James Bedford
Sound Design & Mix: Jason McDaniel

Sly: Jade Roberts
Charlie: Simone St John
Competitor #1: Alison Torvik
Competitor #2: Andrew Raygoza
Tricyclist: Andrew Finch
Unicyclist: Irene Genelin